Creative Writing Course - Online
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Creative Writing Course - Online

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In ten modules you'll learn the skills you need to write a novel, short stories or creative non-fiction - biography or memoir.


  • You can start immediately working privately with the facilitators

Where: Online via our teaching platform

Our Creative Writing Course is designed to provide you with the skills, tools and inspiration every writer needs to tell their own story. It’s ideal for aspiring writers eager to start on their journey, and established writers looking to refresh and hone their skills.

Course overview:

  • The course is run through our online course platform and community hub.
  • We’ll release a fresh module every Monday for ten weeks
  • Each module includes two exercises, to be completed in your own time
  • Jo-Anne or Richard will give you personal constructive feedback on every exercise
  • The course will take you two to four hours a week.
  • A wrap up Zoom after you complete module ten to discuss the course in general and specific writing questions that you have.
  • You’ll walk away with our writer’s manual, jam packed with extensive notes,  to refer to on all your future writing projects.

Course outline:

Each of the modules tackles a key skill and challenges participants with carefully crafted writing exercises and assignments.

The skills focused on are:

Finding your Voice

Ideas: where to find and develop them

Building characters

Building the narrative

Writing scenes

Point of view

Writing dialogue

Beginnings, middles, and ends

Creating suspense

Showing, not telling

Stories are life-changing – often for the reader, always for the writer.

All About Writing’s Creative Writing Course prepares you for the writing journey.

Over ten modules with extensive feedback at every stage, it trains your eye and hones your craft. 

Start today on a journey that’ll last a lifetime.