• How to make your writing sing

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How to make your writing sing

How to write for the screen

How to make a habit of inspiration

How to beef up your manuscript

How to write the book of your dreams

The Indispensable Guide to Creative Writing

Take a practical step towards your writing dream

Meet your course instructors

What we can offer you

We bring an unparalleled breadth of experience to our courses. Our mentors have published novels and non-fiction, written screenplays, won awards and accumulated academic credentials. This breadth of writing experience means that the advice and support we can offer you can be tailored specifically to your needs.

Our skills mesh to provide a strong foundation of skills. Journalism taught us accuracy, clarity, the importance of research, and a strong beginning. Writing for film and television has strengthened our understanding of scenes, dialogue, and showing rather than telling. Fiction skills can brighten non-fiction, while non-fiction provides a strong basis of reality and believability for fiction writers.

Perhaps most importantly, we can place at your disposal not only our successes but our failures, our strengths, our weaknesses, and our vulnerabilities.

For thirteen years we’ve been running courses for writers of all stamps: novelists, writers of creative non-fiction, memoirists, screenplay writers, short story writers, bloggers. 

We bring you what we’ve learnt in all humility, understanding exactly what is involved in being a writer. We know what you need, and we offer our advice and our support with a blend of honesty and kindness.

Creative Writing Course

… this course has changed lives. We all sit with “that book” lying deep within us, though most of us remain too daunted, embarrassed and just plain inept to even get the first line down. Jo-Anne and Richard have (almost … they can’t write the whole book for you!) all the answers in their wonderful, warm, nurturing and “growing” writing courses.

Ingrid van den Berg, Cape townAuthor's name

Mentoring, Venice Retreat, Weekend Workshops

It wasn’t until I was introduced to All About Writing that I really began to believe in myself as a writer with purpose. In particular, All About Writing weekend writing courses and international retreats have excelled in providing facilitative, creative and productive environments in which to explore and develop one’s writing talent. Working with Jo-Anne and Richard has been an inspiration. Critical input, insight, humour and encouragement are all part of the magic.

Linda price, Stow-on-the-Wold

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