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Screenwriting mentoring

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Our Scriptwriting Mentoring Programme is tailored to each writer’s needs and provides encouragement, support, substantial feedback and advice every month.  It is suitable for film and television writers.

This programme can help you develop and brainstorm an idea, devise a series, write a script from start to finish, and help you produce a proposal at a professional level.

We hold your hand and walk you through the process. With their distinctive honest-but-kind approach, Richard Beynon and Michele Rowe provide notes and advice on story, characters, structure, scenes and style.

You buy a block of hours (twelve/sixteen or twenty), which are valid for six/eight/ten months. They can be used in a variety of ways: you can receive feedback and personal notes on your writing, or spend time discussing problems and brainstorming.


How the programme works:

  • At the start of the programme we will, depending on the nature of your project, assign either Michele or Richard as your primary reader.
  • You’ll make a submission at least once a month until your word credit runs out.
  • Your submission will be determined in advance in discussion with Michéle and Richard.
  • After each submission, you’ll have an opportunity to discuss the feedback, and your next steps over a Zoom/Skype call with Michéle and Richard.
  • The opportunity to ask Richard and Michéle’s opinion on urgent problems between submissions.
  • You’ll receive full written feedback on each submission from your primary reader. The secondary reader will comment if he/she thinks the primary reader has missed something significant.
  • The programme is run through a private mentoring group on our online platform, which is hosted by Ning.
  • This is where you submit your writing and where Michele and Richard post their feedback.
  • We use Zoom for brainstorming and feedback discussions.

Submissions and brainstorms

  • Brainstorms – We can help you develop your idea or characters, or brainstorm your way out of a problem if you find yourself stuck at any stage through a three-way Zoom brainstorming session. These can be in lieu of or in addition to your written submissions.
  • Your submission might consist of character descriptions, story outlines and scene descriptions etc or be part of the narrative.
  • Before you get too far into the writing, we strongly suggest you work with Michele and Richard on your story idea and character development. They will let you know when they think you are ready to move on.
  • If you have any hours in credit after six/eight/ten months and you sign up for another tranche, we will carry your hours forward.
  • We’ll track your hours month by month and send you an occasional recon.


Twelve hour package:  R 10 200 Valid for up to six months

Payment plan: A payment of ZAR 3 675 to be made on the first business day of each of the first three months.

Sixteen hour package:  R 13 360 Valid for up to eight months

Payment plan: A payment of R 3 507 to be made on the first business day of each of the first four months.

Twenty hour package: R15 900 Valid for up to ten months

Payment plan: A payment of R 3 339 to be made on the first business day of each of the first five months.

Payable in advance unless you arrange to take advantage of our payment plan. We’ll invoice you on acceptance into the programme.

(Rates may vary for certain projects.)

Plus you receive these bonuses each month:

  • A free individual half-hour feedback session via Zoom.
  • A complimentary read from the second reader.

How to join

Please supply the following:

  • A one-page synopsis of your proposed project or no more than one page describing your idea as far as you have developed it. If you are still in the process of developing your idea, jot down your thoughts, even in their sketchiest form.
  • A covering letter detailing why you feel the programme would be of benefit and listing any creative writing courses you have completed and/or writing experience.
  • This will be your first submission to which you’ll receive full written feedback. This will be followed by a Zoom meeting.
  • Please email to

About us

All About Writing was founded in 2007 by two writing professionals, Jo-Anne Richards and Richard Beynon, who are passionate about writing.  We’ve devised our courses to help communicate that passion – plus the skills that make it all much more than an academic exercise – to others with a similar calling.

Michéle Rowe is a scriptwriter who has worked primarily as a head writer and story originator for television and film. Projects Michéle has originated, written or directed have been nominated for or won various awards, including an Oscar documentary and an International Emmy nomination. At present she works as a script editor, teaches screenwriting and is completing her third novel for Penguin. She has a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing from the University of Cape Town.

Richard Beynon is a story consultant and an award-winning film and television scriptwriter with a long and accomplished career in the industry. He has written for – or headed the storytelling teams of – many of country’s most popular soaps, dramas and comedies. These include S’gudi snaysi, Going Up, Soul City, Isidingo, Scandal, Rhythm City and Isibaya. A former journalist for the Rand Daily Mail, he has conceived, shaped and written scores of documentaries. He has lectured on writing for film and television at Wits.

With Michéle and Richard’s many decades of professional writing, film industry and teaching experience you’ll be in very capable hands.

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