Short Story Workshop: How to put together a story

Short Story Workshop: How to put together a story

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Join our virtual weekend course from which you'll emerge with the first draft of a short story.

We will encourage and mentor you through the process of developing story, from the initial impulse – the virus of an idea – through the building of characters, and the world of the story, to the step-by-step raising of the stakes towards the satisfying crunch of a resolution.

All in the space of 72 hours, participants will busy themselves in furious creation, with one-on-one feedback from two experienced writing facilitators and much virtual interaction with a group of like-minded creative compatriots.

What you'll come away with:

  • A broader understanding of story.
  • A draft of a short story

Proposed schedule (all times still to be confirmed):


We’ll send you an introduction pack which will include some story seeds.

Participants will send in their story ideas/outlines.


Welcome session: 9am to 9.30am UK / 10am/10.30 am SA

Friday day:  Story development. Participants to develop their stories and to discuss their stories one on one with Jo-Anne and/or Richard.

Friday evening group session  (Time TBC) How to begin. We’ll invite participants to share their ideas.


Morning welcome session: 9am to 9.30am UK / 10am/10.30am SA

Scheduled one on one sessions spread over the day.

Between sessions participants can ask Jo-Anne and Richard questions, and hammer out solutions to problems.

11:00am UK/12:00noon SA time  - Group session on immersive writing and to discuss issues that have arisen, and at which people can discuss their work in public.

At a second group session in the late afternoon, we’ll again discuss editing and common and specific problems, and invite writers to share a paragraph or two of their work.

Early evening drinks session.


Participants will write all morning. We’ll hold shorter one-on-ones to answer queries.

Final group session at 14:00 UK/15:00 SA time. We’ll invite participants to read sections of their stories and receive feedback.


Why not submit your story to a writing competition or for publication?

If you need an assessment of your final draft, we’ll give you one at a 50% discount on our standard literary assessment.